Friday, April 21, 2017

Blood Orange Lemonade

A perfect summer drink using Blood Oranges. Ditch all the artificial colors and join the clean eats bandwagon with this one!

It is getting warm and it is time to bring out chilled drinks. Plus the season for Blood Oranges is almost coming to an end. Isn't it the best time to combine the two and make something delicious?

That was exactly my thought when I made this Sparkling Lemonade. Every weekend we go to the Farmer's Market and I end up with atleast a dozen citrus fruits. Juicing them all is an option but not the most interesting one. So I made this drink this time with fresh Blood Oranges. 

Apart from the taste and flavor of the oranges, there is something else I like in this drink. It is the way the way the 'blood' mixes in slowly with the transparent drink. It gives me a feeling that I should make this one for Halloween. Such a pity we do not get the Blood Oranges at that time. Else this recipe would give all the red velvet recipes a run for their money!

I was not a great fan of this fruit till not long ago. The color intimidated me all the time. And then I had Blood Orange Lemonade at the Farmer's Market. Since that day I have fallen in love with the color itself! No more red velvet color in use for the months that I can get this citrus. And the flavor is so good. I love that too. 

Now that I have told you all about why I got these beauties, here is a little something about the fruits themselves. Blood oranges' red pigment, anthocyanin, is an antioxidant. Blood oranges are a source of vitamin C like all citrus fruits. A medium-sized orange also provides 28% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber. These oranges can also be a valuable source of folate, calcium, and thiamine (source:Wikipedia). 

So using this power house fruit and a few more ingredients, head straight to your kitchen and make this immediately. Wait, is this recipe useless after a couple of weeks? Not at all; This recipe can be made in several other ways; read on about the variations and then start making your version.  


I used only blood oranges for this recipe. However, you can use any citrus fruit; orange, limes, sweet limes or a mixture of these. Also, if you would like a slightly sour version, skip the sugar. 

Another way of making a refreshing drink with Blood Oranges is to substitute Sparkling Water with a lemon flavored soda like Sprite or Sierra Mist. As they are sweet, the lemonade will be slightly sweeter. 

Looking for more drink recipes? Head to this gallery on There is a collection of all the drink recipes from my blog and more!   


Blood Orange 2 medium
Sugar 2 tbsp
Sparkling Water/Club Soda 
Lemon wedges 1-2
Ice as required


Juice the blood oranges. Ensure no seeds or rind gets into it. Add sugar to the juice, mix and set aside. 

In two glasses, add ice cubes as desired.

Pur in the sparkling water and add a wedge of lemon. Slowly pour in half the blood orange juice in each glass. Mix and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Simplest Blender Mango Popsicles

The easiest way to make Mango Popsicles is here! This one needs just three ingredients and a blender. No cooking, no machine needed and absolutely no artificial flavoring!

Mangoes are in season and I cannot stop making delicacies using them. Whether it is ice cream, milkshake, cake, aamras, mousse or savory fajeto; I am making everything. Apart from that, I am even gorging on slices of mango just like that! 

Such is my passion for the King of Fruits. A few days ago I posted a traditional recipe of Saffron Mango Kulfi, something that takes hours to make. Then I made this super easy recipe that needs just THREE ingredients and 5 minutes to mix. And yes, it is a one bowl recipe; needing just a blender! 

The recipe is straightforward; dump everything in a blender, churn and freeze. As the recipe does not have any milk or ingredients that has water, the possibility of the popsicle having ice crystals in them is eliminated. And it is so simple, even your kids can make their own popsicles. 

Not a fan of popsicles? Set the same ice cream in a pan and scoop the creamy ice cream into bowls. And when served with a side of mango slices; this ice cream is super awesome.

I made this version two weeks back for the first time. I LOVED it so much, that I have made two lots in the last two weeks. Thank God I have just one set of popsicle mold; I can only make six at a time! Otherwise we would have a sugar overdose at home!  

Wonder what I like best about this recipe? It is the fact that this is no cook and yet so creamy and delicious. To make this, I just place pieces of mango in the blender first, churn them and then add the remaining ingredients. Churn it one more time and then all you need to do is wait for the popsicles to set! 

The quantity of condensed milk will vary based on how sweet the mangoes are. So first start with 1/2 cup and go on increasing based on requirement. Plus, I did not add any color in the popsicles, as the mangoes I used vere bright yellow. If you like, add some color and you will get deep yellow popsicles. 

Fancy pieces of mango in the pops? Go ahead and add them. Plus, if you like you can add some pineapple too. The popsicles will be amazingly sweet and sour. I have made them once, but never got a chance to shoot them. 

Do try these popsicles at home. I am sure they will become your favorite popsicle recipe too! And don't forget to share them with me on Facebook, Instagram or on this space! 


Heavy Whipping Cream 2 cups
Condensed Milk 3/4 cup
Mango Puree 3/4 cup


In a blender add all the ingredients and blend for a couple of minutes, till all the ingredients are blended. 

Add the mixture to the popsicle molds. I could make 6 popsicles, but it will depend on the size of the popsicle mold you have. Alternatively add to a pan. Freeze for 4-6 hours. 

To remove, run under hot water for 20-30 seconds and enjoy!